This is a list of feast days and other days observed by the Catholic Church
This list contains days of celebration for many countries and religious orders
Moveable celebrations are listed below


Date Feast Comments
1 Mary, The Mother of God This day was the feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord, which was eight days after His birth, the day on which He was named Jesus.
2 SS. Basil & Gregory Nazianzen, Bishops & Doctors. Basil and Gregory studied together in Athens. Gregory became Patriarch of Constantinople, died 389. Basil, known as The Great, determined that monastic life should help the community.  He founded the Basilians, and they, today, staff many churches around here. He died 379.
3 The Most Holy Name of Jesus
4 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. 
5 St., John Neumann, Bishop
6 Epiphany of Our Lord
St. Andre Bessette

7 St. Raymond of Penyafort, Confessor Raymond, as a Dominican, was a great teacher and healer by miracles. He founded his own school and did not charge the students. He advised Pope Gregory IX and codified the church laws. He founded the order of Our Lady of Mercy, the Mercedarians. He is said to have walked on the sea from Majorca to Barcelona. He spent 35 years preparing for his death, and was named 'eminent minister of the sacrament of penance, died 1275 at age 99.
8 Blessed Angela of Foligno  
9 St. Adrian of Canterbury
10  St Gregory of Nyssa
11  Bl. William Carter
12  St. Marguerite Bourgeoys  
13 St. Hilary, Bishop & Doctor Hilary was bishop of Poitier, a great defender of the Church against Arianism, died 368. This feast used to be on January 14.
14  St. Felix of Nola, Priest
3rd - 4th century A.D.
15 St. Paul, The First Hermit. 
St. Maurus, Abbot.
St. Jerome records that Paul was orphaned at fifteen and went to live in the desert, praying and doing penance, until he died at age 112 in 342.
Maurus was trained by St. Benedict. Once he walked on water to save a drowning man. He went to Gaul to preach, founded the abbey at Glanfeuil and wrought many miracles, died 584
16 St. Marcellus, Pope and Martyr.
St. Berard and Companions

17 St. Anthony of Egypt, Abbot. Anthony went to be a hermit in the desert, but as so many people came to him to hear about God that he instituted the monastic life of living in common, and was the first abbot. He died at age 105 in 356.
18 St. Priscilla
St. Charles of Sezze
19 St. Fabian, Pope & Martyr.   
20 St. Sebastian, Martyr.  
21 St. Agnes, Virgin & Martyr  
22 St. Vincent, Deacon & Martyr  
23 Bl. Mother Marianne Cope
24 St. Francis de Sales, Bishop and Doctor  
25 Conversion of St. Paul  
26 SS. Timothy & Titus. 
St. Paula
Titus, the well-beloved disciple of St. Paul, went with him on some of his missions, became bishop of Crete, died around 105. St. Paul wrote an Epistle to him.
27 St. Angela Merici, Virgin  
28 St. Thomas Aquinas, Doctor  Transferred from March 7
29 St. Marcella, Widow  
30 St. Hyacintha of Mariscotti
31 St. John Bosco  
February 2000
Date Feast Comments
1 St. Brigid, Virgin. 
St. Ansgar, Priest
Brigid was the first abbess of Kildare, Ireland, died 523.
Ansgar, Apostle of the North (Scandinavia), devoted to the poor and sick, and an extraordinary preacher, died 865.
2 The Presentation of Our Lord,

The Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Candlemas, Blessing of Candles
3 St. Blaise, Bishop and Martyr. 
St. Oscar, Bishop.
Blessing of Throats.
Blaise healed souls and bodies. After saving a child's life choking on a bone in his throat, he was proclaimed Auxiliary Saint and patron for sore throats, also patron of wool combers, beheaded in 316
4 St. Andrew Corsini, Bishop
St. Joseph of Leonissa
Andrew led a dissolute life until he turned to Our Lady,  headed the Carmelite order, while bishop he healed the hatred between sects, died 1373.
5 St. Agatha, Virgin and Martyr. 
St. Philip of Jesus, Protomartyr of Mexico
Agatha was very beautiful, but gave herself to God instead of to the Governor. For this she was tortured, but healed by St. Peter. She died after more torture in 251. Her veil was used to hold back the lava from Etna. Patroness of {Palermo and Catania.
6 SS. Paul Miki & Companions, Martyrs. 
St. Dorothy, Virgin and Martyr
The Japanese martyrs, Paul, John and James were the first Jesuits to shed their blood in Japan (1597).
7 St. Romauld, Abbot and Founder
St. Colette, Foundress
Romauld always gave joy to those who met him. He founded a monastery after a vision (part of Benedictine Order), died at 120 in 1027.
8 St. Josephine Bakhita, Sister
St. John of Matha, Confessor
Josephine, 1868-1947 Sudan.
After a vision when saying his first Mass, John established the Order of the Holy Trinity with St. Felix to ransom captives, died 1213.
9 St. Jerome Emiliani,  Priest
Jerome is patron of orphans and abandoned children, died 1537, Italy
10 St. Scholastica, Virgin. Scholastica was the twin sister of St. Benedict, she founded the women's' order of Benedictines. God showed great love for their brotherly and sisterly love. They died within a few weeks of each other, and were buried in the monastery of Monte-Cassino in 543.
11 Our Lady of Lourdes. 
St. Gregory II, Pope and Confessor
It was at Lourdes, France, that Our Lady appeared to St. Bernadette.
Gregory the Younger, sent St. Boniface to evangelize Germany, died 731.
12 St. Apollonia, Virgin and Martyr.  
13 St. Giles Mary of St. Joseph
14 St. Valentine, Priest and Martyr
SS. Cyril, Monk, and Methodius, Bishop.
Cyril and Methodius were brothers who converted the Slavonic nations, Bulgarians, Moravians and Bohemians. It is said they introduced the Slav alphabet, and they translate the scriptures into Slav.Died 869 & 885.
15 St. Claude la Colombière   
16 St. Gilbert of Sempringham

17 The Seven Holy Founders of the Order of Servites
18 St. Simeon, Bishop and Martyr
Bl. John of Fiesole
Simeon was the son of Cleophas and Mary (relative of Our Lady), he was Bishop of Jerusalem after St. James the Less, died 106.
19 St. Conrad of Piacenza
20 SS.. Jacinta and Francisco Marto These are the children to whom Our Lady appeared in Fatima.
21 St. Peter Damian, Bishop and Doctor.
 Peter was Bishop of Ostia and Cardinal, he combated the heresy of the Simonists, died 1072.
22 The Chair of St. Peter at Antioch Peter resided at Antioch from 51-52
23 St. Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr  
24 Bl. Luke Belludi  
25 Bl. Sebastian of Aparicio 
St. Ethelbert, King and Confessor.
Ethelbert was King of Kent, converted by St. Augustine, he founded Canterbury Cathedral, died 616.
26 St. Porphyry of Gaza  
27 St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows Gabriel joined the Passionists, was devoted to Our Lord's Passion and Our Lady's Sorrows, constantly practised self-denial, and performed many miracles, died 1862
28 Blessed Daniel Brottier
St. Oswald, Bishop and Confessor.
St. Oswald's feast is celebrated on February 29 in a leap year
29  (see above)

Date Feast Comments
1 St. David, Bishop David was the son of a prince of South Wales, Bishop of Menervia, he established monasteries with disciplines of austerity and fervor, and he reformed the ancient British Church. He died in 544 and is the Patron Saint of Wales.
2 St. Agnes of Bohemia  
3 Bl. Katharine Drexel  
4 St. Casimir, Confessor Casimir of Poland, continually meditated on the Passion of Jesus, was called "the father and defender of the poor and unfortunate", died 1483.
5 St. John Joseph of the Cross

7 SS. Perpetua and Felicity, Martyrs Roman martyrs in 203.
This date ised to be the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, now on January 28.
8 St. John of God, Confessor After a vision when saying his first Mass, John established the Order of the Holy Trinity with St. Felix to ransom captives, died 1213.
9 St. Frances of Rome, Widow Frances, a noble Roman lady, was married at 11, and lived a life of simplicity, prayer, and care of the poor. She founded the House of the Oblates of the Congregation of Mount Olivet, she always saw her guardian angel, died 1440.
10 St. Dominic Savio  
11 St. John Ogilvie  
12 Bl. Angela Salawa
13 St. Leander of Seville  
14 St. Maximilian  
15 St. Louise de Marillac  
16 St. Clement Mary Hofbauer  
17 St. Patrick, Bishop Patrick was sent to Ireland to converted the pagans, said to be done by getting rid of snakes, covered the land with churches, monasteries and schools, died 461, and is the Patron Saint of Ireland.
18 St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop Cyril was Bishop of Jerusalem, noted for his homilies in Lent. He preached on the divinity of the Holy Spirit, and the two natures of Jesus, especially against the Aryan heresy at the Council of Constantinople. Died 386.
19 St. Joseph Foster father of our Savior, husband of Our Lady, Patron and Protector of the Universal Church, Patron of Fathers, Guardian of Families, Protector of Virgins, Patron of Workers, Patron of Carpenters, Guardian of the Sick and  Dying, Patron and Model of Interior and Contemplative Souls.
20 St. Cuthbert, Bishop
St. Salvator of Horta
Cuthbert was Bishop of Lindisfarne, or Holy Isle, and was noted for his charity and miracles, died 687. His shrine at Durham was a great place of pilgrimage
21 Blessed John of Parma  
22 St. Nicholas Owen  
23 St. Turibius of Lima, Bishop  
24 St. Catherine of Genoa  
25 Annunciation of The Lord This was called the feast of The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary when the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary, the day on which Jesus became a member of our human race, "and He was incarnate."
26 Bl. Didacus of Cadiz
27 Bl. Francis Faà di Bruno  
28 St. Hesychius of Jerusalem  
29 Bl. Ludovico of Casoria  
30 St. Peter Regalado  
31 St. Stephen of Mar Saba  

Date Feast Comments
1 St. Hugh of Grenoble  
2 St. Francis of Paola, Hermit Laetare Sunday
Francis became a hermit at the age of 13 and lived in the desert. So many followed him that he founded the Order of Minims. He was noted for humility, miracles and prophesies, died 1507.
3 St. Benedict the African  
4 Bl. Isidore, Bishop and Doctor Isidore was the most learned man of his century, he laid down the duties of a bishop.  As Bishop of Seville, he opposed the Aryan and other heresies, died 636.
5 St. Vincent Ferrer Vincent entered the Order of Preachers in Spain. He traveled the whole of Europe preaching repentance of sin and had many miraculous conversions. Died 1419.
6 St. Crescentia Hoess  
7 St. John Baptist de la Salle, Priest
John loved children and the poor, and founded the Brothers of Christian Schools to educate the poor. His life was one of humility, penance, prayer and obedience to he Divine Will and the Holy See. Died 1719 in France.
8 St. Julie Billiart  
9 St. Casilda
10 St. Magdalen of Canossa  
11 St. Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr Stanislaus was Bishop of Cracow. He opposed the cruel and dissolute was of the King of Poland.  The king personally killed him for his opposition in 1079. He is patron of Poland.
12 St. Teresa of Los Andes  
13 St. Martin I, Pope and Martyr Martin as Pope fought the heresies at the Lateran Council. For this he was kidnapped by the Emperor, tried and imprisoned for life. He died in exile in 655.
14 Blessed Peter Gonzalez  
15 Blessed Caesar de Bus  
16 St. Bernadette Soubirous
Bernadette was born 1844 in Lourdes, France. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Bernadette at 14 years old on February 11, 1858, and then 17 more times in a cave above the River Gave. A spring welled up there and many miracles happened in the water. Now there is a basilica at the site where millions visit.  Bernadette retreated from the fame to a convent where she died of ill-health at age 35.
17 St. Benedict Joseph Labre  
18 Bl. James Oldo  
19 Blessed Luchesio and Buonadonna
20 St. Conrad of Parzham

21 St. Anselm, Bishop and Doctor Anselm was abbott of Bec in France, then Archbishop of Canterbury. He fought William Rufus and Henry I for separation of Church and State. He wrote several authoritative books for theologians, died 1109.
22 St. Adalbert of Prague
23 St. George, Martyr. 
St. Adalbert, Bishop and Martyr.
George, in the Roman army, told Diocletian that he was too cruel to the Christians.  He was tortured and beheaded in 303. The eastern Church consider him the Great Martyr.  He is Patron Saint of England, Patron of Armies and one of the 14 Auxiliary Saints.
24 St. Appollonius, Martyr 
St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen
As a magistrate, Fidelis was known as the Advocate of the Poor.  He became a Franciscan and was sent to the country of the Grisons where he was stabbed to death for fear of his influence in 1622.
25 St. Mark, Evangelist Mark was one of the 72 disciples, and a disciple of St. Peter. He wrote his gospel under Peter's direction, and went to preach in Egypt where he was martyred.
26 St. Cletus & Marcellinus, Popes and Martyrs
St. Pedro de San José Betancur
Cletus was the third pope until 91, and Marcellinus was martyred in 304
27 St. Peter Canisius, Confessor and Doctor
St. Louis Mary Grignon de Montfort
Peter is a Dutch Jesuit saint, known as the Apostle of Germany. He hammered the heretics of the day, founded several colleges and wrote the first catechism, died 1597
28 St. Peter Chanel, Martyr 
29 St. Catherine of Sienna, Virgin and Doctor. 
Catherine was one of 23 children and entered the Domincan Third Order at 18. She spent 3 years in seclusion, prayer and austerity, she made prolonged fasts sustained only by Holy Communion for the love of Christ. She was a mystic, spiritual writer and advisor of the pope. She received the stigmata and died at age 33 in 1380.
30 St. Pius V, Pope Pius fought Islam and Protestantism by enforcing the decrees of the Council of Trent, founded seminaries, issued a new missal, catachism and breviary, and won by prayer a victory for the Christians at Lepanto. He instituted the Feast of Our Lady of Victories. He forsook the normal papal luxuries and fasted and prayed according to his Domincan Rule, died 1572.


Date Feast Comments
1 St. Joseph the Worker This feast of St. Joseph was ordered to be held today to complement the Communists' May Day celebrations.
2 St. Althanasius, Bishop, Confessor and Doctor 
Athanasius was Bishop of Alexandria and fought the Aryan heresy at the Council of Nicea, died 373.
3 SS. Philip and James, Apostless 
SS. Alexander I, Pope, Eventius and Theodulus
Philip was from Bethsaida and was crucified at Phrigia. James the Lesser was from Cana, a cousin of Jesus, and possibly a brother of Jude.  Peter chose him as first Bishop of Jerusalem. For not denying Jesus, he was killed in the Temple. .
Alexander was pope under the Emperor Hadrian. He prescribed water to be mixed with wine at Mass. Martyred in 117 with the priests Eventius and Theodolus.
4 The Blessed Martyrs of England.
Blessed Michael Giedroyc

In the 16th and 17th centuries, about 400 Englishmen suffered martyrdom for the supremacy of the Pope, the Unity of the Church and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Many are now Blessed, and some are Saints.

5 St. Hilary of Arles, Bishop 403-449 A.D.
6 St. John before the Latin Gate
SS. Marian and James
This could have been the feast of St. John's martyrdom, but he was saved miraculously from the boiling oil.
7 St. Rose Venerini

8 The Apparition of St. Michael the Archangel
St. Peter of Tarentaise
St. Michael, the Archangel, appeared in 525 and asked for a church to be built to honor God in memory of himself and all the angels. The church is on the islet of Mont Saint Michel in the sea, off the north coat of France. The place was celebrated for its miracles.
9 St. Catharine of Bologna
10 St., Antonius, Bishop and Confessor 
Bl.. John of Avila, Confessor
St. Damien of Molokai
Antonius was a Dominican and Bishop of Florence, died 1459.
11 St. Ignatius of Laconi
St. Francis Jerome, Confessor
12 SS. Nereus, Achilleus, Domitilla and Pancras, Martyrs  
13 Our Lady of Fatima Our Lady appeared to three children at Cova de Iria, near Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, asking them to pray the rosary for world peace, for sinners, and for Russia. Fatima is a very popular place of pilgrimage.
14 St. Matthias, Apostle. 
St. Boniface, Martyr,
Matthias replaced Judas as an Apostle.
Boniface, of Tarsus, was cruelly tortured and martyred towards 275.
15 St. Isidore the Farmer. 

Isadore was an extraordinary ordinary, poor, farmer worker, who prayed all day as he worked, attended daily Mass, gave his food to those poorer then him, and was attended by angels in the fields.  He died in 1130 in Spain.
16 St. Margaret of Cortona
St. Ubaldus, Bishop and Confessor 
St. John Nepomucene, Martyr
17 St. Pascal Baylon, Confessor
St. Victor
Pascal was a shepherd in Spain before he became a Franciscan brother. He loved the Blessed Sacrament and was proclaimed the 'Protector of All Eucharistic Congresses and Works, died 1592.
18 St. John I, Pope and Martyr 
St. Venantius, Martyr
St. Felix of Cantelice
John governed the Church from 525 to 526. The Aryan  King, ravaging Italy, enticed him into jail where he died
Venantius at the age of 15 was tortured for his faith under the Emperor Decius and beheaded towards 250.
Felix was a farmer who became a Capuchin friar, died 1587
19 St. Theophilus of Corte
St. Celestine V, Pope. 
St. Prudentiana, Virgin
As a Benedictine hermit Celestine told the Cardinals to elect a pope, after there had been none for 27 months. They elected him at 72. After 5 months he could not stand the pressures of the affairs of state, so he resigned and returned to a hermit's cell. The next pope, Boniface, later had him imprisoned as a threat to him, and he died 5 months later in prison in 1296.
20 St. Bernadine of Sienna, Confessor and Missionary 
St. Ethelbert, Kind and Martyr
Bernadine became a Franciscan and preached and performed miracles, died 1444.
Ethelbert was King of East Anglia, murdered by King Offa of the Mercians in 793
21 St. Cristóbal Magallanes and Companions
St. Andrew Bobola, Martyr
22 Bl. John Baptist Machado and his Companions, Martyrs
St. Rita of Cascia
23 St. Felix of Cantalice
24 Our Lady Help of Christians 
Our Lady of the Way ("Della Strada")
St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi
Dedication of the Basilica of St. Francis of Assis
This feast was ordered to celebrate the end of the exile of the pontiffs of Rome in 1815 because of the French Revolution.
25 St. Bede, the Venerable, Confessor and Doctor 
St. Gregory VII, Pope and Confessor 
St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, Virgin 
St. Urban I, Pope and Martyr
Bede was a Benedictine monk from 7 years old to his death in Northumbria.  He wrote of the history of the Christian church in England and how it united tribes and races. He translated part of the bible into English. He loved studying and teaching. Before he died in 735, he was known as "The Venerable".
26 St. Philip Neri, Confessor, Religious Founder 
St. Eleutherius, Pope and Martyr
Philip re-evangelized Rome, and founded the Oratorians.
27 St. Augustine of Canterbury, Archbishop, Confessor and Missionary Augustine, a Benedictine, was sent to England with 40 monks by Pope Gregory. King Ethelbert received him at Canterbury where he built a monastery. He baptized 10,000 one Christmas Day. The 'Apostle of England' died in 604.
28 Bl. Margaret Pole, Martyr
St. Mary Ann of Jesus of Paredes
29 St. Madeleine Sophie Barat  
30 St. Joan of Arc 
St. Felix I, Pope and Martyr
St. Gregory VII, Pope
Joan, the "Maid of Orleans", was asked by the Archangel Gabrielle and other saints to save France from the English.. She beat the English army and installed the Dauphin as King of France. Later she was captured in battle, sold to the English and eventually burnt at the stake in France at the age of 17 in 1431. She is the patron saint of France.

Felix, as pope, commanded that Mass be said over the tombs of martyrs. He was martyred in 274.
Gregory stressed the separation of Church and State, and was exiled for it, died 1085.

31 The Visitation of Our Lady to Elizabeth. 
The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces. 
St. Angela Merici, Virgin. 
St. Petronilla, Virgin.
Angela was born at Lake Garda, Italy, and loved justice and hated iniquity. She founded a society for the Christian education of youth, died 1540.

Date Feast Comments
1 St. Justin, Martyr Justin opened the first school of Christian Philosophy in Rome. Martyred about 162-165
2 SS. Marcellinus, Peter and Erasmus, Bishop, Martyrs 
Bl.. Marianna of Jesus of Paredes y Flores, Virgin
The exorcist Peter , in jail under Diocletian, converted his jailer and his family. The priest, Marcellinus, who baptized them and Peter were tortured and beheaded.  Erasmus, a bishop in Syria, was tortured several times. Once his entrails were wound round a windlass, hence he is the patron saint of internal diseases
3 Bl. John XXIII, Pope
4 St. Francis Caracciolo, Confessor
St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, Martyrs
Francis determined during a severe illness to devote himself to God. A letter,  mistakenly delivered to him, mentioned  the founding of a new religious institute. Recognizing the sign from God, he  joined and became a founder of the Order of Minor Clerks Regular.  His life was steered by his love of penance, prayer and the Blessed Sacrament. Died 1608.
5 St. Boniface, Bishop, Missionary and Martyr. 
St. Norbet, Bishop, Confessor and Religious Founder
Boniface , of England, a Benedictine monk, was sent by Pope Gregory II to evangelize Germany.  Although very liberal in tolerance of local customs, he chopped down a tree dedicated to Thor, thus winning over thousands of converts.  He was later massacred with his followers in 754.
Norbet received a calling as he was struck by a crash of thunder. He received Holy Orders and preached to the Germans and Dutch, and defended the Eucharist against heresy. Died 1134
6  St. Norbert, Bishop and Confessor Norbert from Cologne was educated at the Emperor's court. In a hurricane he was thrown from his horse and heard God's voice. He took Holy Orders, founded an order, became Archbishop of Magdeburg, helped Pope Innocent II triumph over Anacletus, was a friend of St. Bernard, and defended the Eucharist against the heresy of Tanchelmus. Died 1134.
7  St. Willibald, Bishop
700-786 A.D.
8 St. William of York  
9 St. Columba, Abbot. 
St. Ephrem, Deacon, Confessor and Doctor 
St. Primus and Felician, Martyrs
From Ireland, Columba, the Apostle of the Picts, evangelized Northern England and Scotland, founded the monastery of Iona on Lindisfarne, or Holy Island. Died 597.
Ephrem wrote poems and hymns to refute the heresies, and is known as the 'Harp of the Holy Ghost'. Died 375. He is the only Syrian to be canonized.
Primus and Felician were Romans and brothers. In their old age they were tortured for their faith, Felician was nailed hands and feet to a tree for three days, then had molten lead was poured into his mouth.  They were thrown to the lions but the lions lay down at their feet.  The were beheaded in 286.
10 Blessed Joachima
11 St. Barnabas, Apostle.
Barnabas presented Paul, after his conversion, to the Apostles, he travelled with Paul on his missions, and retired to Cyprus, where he was finally stoned to death.
12 St. John of San Facondo, Confessor 
SS. Basilides, Cyrinus, Nabor and Nazarius, Martyrs
Bl. Jolenta (Yolanda) of Poland
John was a great peacemaker, first with his childhood friends, and then he preached to the Salamancans and ended the factions. He entered the Order of St. Augustine and loved the Holy Mass. Died 1471, Spain.
Basilides, Cyrinus, Nabor and Nazarius were Roman soldiers of noble birth, they were condemned to death when they became Christians, but the lions would not eat them, so they were beheaded.
13 St. Anthony of Padua, Doctor Anthony, from Lisbon, was a great preacher and miracle worker. People turned away from crime and fighting by just listening to a sermon of his. He was known as 'Wonder Worker', 'Ark of the Testament' and 'Hammer of Heretics'. Because he found a lost book he is the patron of lost things. He died at Padua 1231 at age 31, was canonized the next year.
14 St. Albert Chmielowski  
15 SS. Vitus, Modestus and Crescentia, Martyrs Vitus, also called Guy, became a Christian so his father handed him over to the judge. At that the farther became blind, and Vitus cured him. His tutor, Modestus and nurse, Crescentia, took him away, but his preaching made him well known. Vitus even cured Emperor Diocletian's son of a devil,  but he would not sacrifice to the gods, so the three of them were martyred 303.
16 St. John Francis Regis  
17 St. Joseph Cafasso  
18 SS. Mark and Marcellianus, Martyrs.
Ven. Matt Talbot
Mark and Marcellianus were brothers and were hanged by the feet for a day and a night before being shot by arrows in 286.
19 St. Romauld, Abbot 
St. Juliana Falconieri, Virgin 
SS. Gervase and Protase, Martyrs.
Juliana, from Florence, at age 15 consecrated her virginity to God. She then never looked on a man's face. She founded the Order of Mantellate, and later was in charge of the Order of Servites, died 1340.
Gervase and Protase were sons of SS. Vitalis and Valeria were martyred under Nero.
20 Immaculate Heart of Mary. 
St. Silverius, Pope and Martyr
St. Paulinus of Nola .
Silverius was a son of Pope St. Hormisdas, who was married before receiving Holy Orders. He succeeded Pope Agapitus. Theodora, Empress of Constantinople asked him to restore an arch heretic to the pontifical throne in her city, whom Agapitus had deposed. Silverius refused and was exiled. Died 538
21 St. Aloysius Gonzaga. Confessor
Aloysius of Italy made a vow of virginity at age nine. At sixteen he entered the Jesuits. He was known for his modesty, mortifications and helping the sick. Pope Benedict gave him as a pattern for young people. Died 1591 at 22.
22 St. Thomas More, Martyr 
St. Paulinus of Nola, Bishop and Confessor 
St. Alban, Martyr
Thomas, Chancellor of England, defied Henry VIII, and was martyred for his allegiance to Rome in 1535. (See the film 'A Man For All Seasons') 
Paulinus was a Roman senator at age 25, and then Consul. After conversion he gave up all riches, separated from his wife and became a priest, then Bishop of Nola. Died 431
Alban, a Roman soldier, was the first martyr in England.
23 St. John Fisher, Bishop and Martyr
 John, Bishop of Rochester, defied Henry VIII, and was martyred for his allegiance to Rome in 1535.
24 Birth of St. John the Baptist  
25 St. William, Abbot
Bl. Jutta of Thuringia
William renounced his riches, founded a monastery, gave a rule inspired by St. Benedict, and spent his life meditatiing on divine things.  He was renouned for numerous miracles, died 1142.
26 SS. John and Paul, Martyrs
Bl. Raymond Lull
The brothers John and Paul were Romans who refused to be friends of Julian the Apostate. They were given ten days to decide in which time they gave all their wealth away and were then martyred in 362.
27 St. Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop and Doctor 
Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow
Cyril condemned, at the Council of Ephesus, the heresy of Nestorius. He stated that Jesus is God and Man at the same time, and Mary is the Mother of God, died 444.
28 St. Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr Irenaeus was bishop of Lyons, called the Father of the Catholic Theology, and the golden link binding the spirit of the Gospel to the doctrine of the Fathers. He wrote a treatise against the gnostic heresy. Died about 202.
29 The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul  
30 First Martyrs of the Church of Rome

Date Feast Comments
1 Bl. Junipero Serra, Priest Junipero was born in Majorca and spent from age 17 to 35 studying and preaching as a Franciscan monk. He went to Mexico to convert the Indians, and worked for 18 years in California Baja. He founded several of the missions, raised their standard, argued with the military leaders and obtained the Bill of Right for the Native Americans. Died 1784.
2 SS. Processus & Martinian, Martyrs
St. Oliver Plunkett
Roman guards of SS. Peter & Paul, converted by them
3 St. Thomas, Apostle 
St. Swithin, Bishop and Confessor 
St. Leo II, Pope and Confessor
Thomas was the doubting Apostle, also known as the 'twin' (Didymus), said to have preached in Persia (Iran) and India, martyred at Calamina, patron of India. Feast transferred from December 21
Swithin was an Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Winchester, died 862.
Leo was Pope from 682 to 683.
4 Our Lady of Refuge 
Our Lady of Consolation 
St. Elizabeth of Portugal 
Independence  Day
Queen of Portugal, died 1336, a niece of St. Elizabeth of Hungry.  She brought peace to Portugal during her reign, and when widowed, she became a Franciscan nun.
5 St. Anthony Maria Zaccaria, Priest and Founder Founder of the Order of Clerks Regular (Barnabites). Died 1539
6 St. Maria Goretti, Virgin and Martyr Also celebrated on July 6
7 Bl. Emmanuel Ruiz and Companions
Died 869 & 885. They were brothers who converted the Slavonic nations, Bulgarians, Moravians and Bohemians. It is said they introduced the Slav alphabet, and they translate the scriptures into Slav.
8 St. Gregory Grassi and Companions  
9 St. Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions
10 The Seven Brothers, Martyrs, and SS. Rufina & Secunda, Virgins and Martyrs
St. Veronica Giuliani
Sons of St. Felicitas martyred in Rome AD 150, and two sisters martyred in AD 257.
11 St. Benedict, Abbot and Founder 
St. Pius I, Pope and Martyr
Benedict, founder of the Benedictines, Patriarch of Monks, "Doctor of Humility", miracle-worker, prophet, brother of St. Scholastica, died 543. ("Idleness is the enemy of the soul") 
Pius, pope possibly from AD 142 to 150. He ordained the feast of The Resurrection to be a Sunday
12 SS. John Jones and John Wall
St. John Gualbert, Abbot 
SS. Nabor & Felix, Martyrs
John Gualbert fought the sin of simony in Italy , founded an order, died 1073.
Nabor and Felix were martyred in 303.
13 St. Henry, Emperor
St. Anacletus, Pope and Martyr
Henry II, Emperor of Bavaria from 972, King of Germany from 1014, he was also a monk, died 1024. 
Pope Anacletus declared that three bishops should consecrate a bishop, and a priest was to be ordained by his own bishop, died AD 112.
14 Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha, Virgin. 
St. Camillus de Lellis, Priest .
Camillus was founder an order in Italy of Regular Clerks, who nursed the sick and plague-ridden, patron of hospitals, patients and nurses, died 1614. Also celebrated on July 18.
15 St. Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor Bonaventure was a doctor at the University of Paris, a Franciscan and became its general, and was known as the Seraphic Doctor, died 1274
16 Our Lady of Mount Carmel 
St. Helier, Martyr
St. Athenogenes, Bishop, Theologian, Martyr
St. Helier is patron saint of the Isle of Jersey. He was cruelly put to death by pirates, to whom he was preaching Christianity on that island.
St. Athenogenes
is believed by some to have composed the hymn, Phos Hilaron, the first recognized Christian hymn from which comes 'Iam Christe Sol Justitiae', on the way to being martyred about 305 AD
17 St. Alexius, Confessor
St. Francis Solano
18 Bl. Angeline of Marsciano
St. Symphorosa and her Seven Sons, Martyrs
Martyrs of AD 125.
20 St. Apollinaris, Bishop and Martyr
St. Jerome Emilian, Confessor 
St. Margaret, Virgin and Martyr
Apollinaris is said to have been made a bishop by St. Peter. Preached in Ravenna.
Jerome founded a congregation to educate youth in orphanages and colleges, opened asylums for the poor, died of the plague, Italy, 1537. 
Margaret is one of the 14 Auxiliary Saints, as a help for those about to become mothers.
21 St. Lawrence of Brindisi, Priest and Doctor 
St. Praxedes, Virgin
22 St. Mary Magdalene, Penitent Sister of Martha and Lazarus, maybe washed the feet of Jesus with her tears, and stood by the cross.
23 St. Bridget, Widow and Religious Founder. 
St. Laborius, Bishop and Confessor.
Bridget was a daughter of Sweden, a princess of Mercia (England).  .
24 St. Sharbel Makhlouf  
25 St. James, Apostle 
St. Christopher
James the Greater, brother of John, took Christianity to Spain, martyred in AD 42 in Jerusalem. July 25 commemorates the translation of his body to Compostella, Spain. Patron Saint of Spain. 
Christopher ('who bears Christ') is said to have carried Christ across a river, martyred AD 250. One of the 14 Auxiliary saints, patron saint of travelers.
26 SS. Joachim and Ann Joachim and Anne (or Anna), parents of Our Lady. 
27 St. Panteleon, Martyr
Bl. Antonio Lucci
A Greek and a doctor, died AD 303. One of the patrons of medical men, invoked against TB, one of the 14 Auxiliary Saints
28 SS. Nazarius & Celsus, Martyrs, Victor I, Pope and Martyr, and Innocent I, Pope and Confessor
St. Leopold Mandic
29 SS. Martha, Mary & Lazarus
SS. Felix, Simplicius, Faustinus & Beatrice, Martyrs
Martha, sister of Mary and brother Lazarus. Jesus often stayed at their house in Bethany, Judea. This used to be the feast of St. Martha.
Felix II was pope till AD 365
30 St. Peter Chrysologus, Bishop and Doctor 
SS. Abdon & Sennen, Martyrs
Peter was Bishop of Ravenna due to St. Peter appearing to the pope.  Chrysologus means "speech of gold", he wrote 160 homilies, full of learning, died 450.
31 St. Ignatius of Loyola, Priest and Founder Founder of the Jesuits 
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Date Feast Comments
1 St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori, Bishop and Doctor 
St. Peter Julian Eymard, Priest. 
St. . Peter's Chains . 
The Holy Machabees, Martyrs.
Alphonsus. of Naples, was a lawyer, author, preacher and founder of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, the Redemptorists, to preach to the rural poor. He wrote over 100 books including "Moral Theology". He was persecuted by the Church and the rulers, and even expelled from his order.  He died 1787.
2 Our Lady of the Angels
St. Eusebius, Bishop
St. Basil the Blessed
Eusebius was Bishop of Vercelli and opposed the Aryan heresy, died 371
Basil was one of the 'Holy Fools'.  He played the fool for Christ in Moscow, and so was able to talk to the Czar Ivan the Terrible.  He stole from the rich to give to the poor, and he derided ostensiously pious people.  He died 1552, and St. Basil's cathedral in Moscow is named after him. Patron saint of Russia.
3 St. Peter Julian Eymard, Priest.
This was the feast of The Finding of the Body of St. Stephen, the First Martyr.
4 St. John Mary Vianney, Confessor Born in France 1786, was the "Cure' d'Ars" for 42 years, famous for hearing confessions, He suffered for the 250 souls of his village by only eating potatoes, almost never sleeping, and praying in church for all his spare time. When he became famous, he would hear confessions for up to 18 hours a day. He was often tormented by the devil, and suffered very poor health. He died Aug. 4, 1859, and is the patron saint of parish priests.
5 Dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary Major (The Church of Our Lady of the Snow)  
6 Transfiguration of Our Lord  
7 SS. Sixtus II, Pope & Companions (Felicissimus and Agapitus), Martyrs 
St. Cajetan, Confessor 
St. Donatus, Bishop and Martyr
Sixtus and companions cruelly martyred in third century.
Cajetan founded the Theatines. 
Donatus martyred 361.
8 St. Dominic, Confessor and Founder. 
SS. Cyriacus, Largus and Smaragdus, Martyrs
Dominic, born in Spain, defended the Church against heresy of the Cathari, and founded the Order of the Friars Preachers, the Dominicans. Instead of preaching in a rich environment, he travelled on foot, without money, like the Apostles, preaching faith and charity wherever there was an audience.  He and his followers studied theology and doctrine and how to communicate. Died Aug. 6, 1221. 
Cyriacus martyred 303, one of the auxiliary saints
9 St. Romanus, Martyr
St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)
10 St. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr. 
St. Oswald, King and Martyr
Lawrence was a deacon to Pope Sixtus he loved the poor and was slowly burnt to death in 258.  His basilica is the fifth most important in Rome. 
Oswald was King of Northumbria, died 642
11 St. Clare, Virgin and Founder 
Bl. Peter Faber, Confessor
Clare was a friend of St. Francis of Assisi, co-founder of the Poor Clares, or second order of St. Francis. She was also of a rich family of Assisi and gave up all worldly goods to live after the manner of the holy gospel, in poverty with perpetual abstenance. She kept the Saracens out of her convent by holding up the ciborium.  Died 1253. 
Peter was one of the first Jesuits, died 1546
12 St. Emigdius
St. Louis of Toulouse
St. Jane Frances de Chantal
St. Emigdius is Protector against earthquakes.
13 SS. Pontian, Pope & Hyppolitus, Martyrs
Bl. Michael McGivney, Priest, Founder
Hyppolitus, was a guard of St. Lawrence and converted by him, died 258.
Michael Joseph McGivney was born August 12, 1852 in Waterford CN. Ordained December 22, 1877, he became curate of St. Mary's Church New Haven. He founded the Knights of Columbus on February 7, 1882. He moved to St. Thomas Church, Thomaston, in 1884 and died during the epidemic on August 14, 1890.
14 St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe, Martyr Kolbe, born 1894, was a Franciscan priest in Poland. During WWII he was sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp. He offered to take the place of another man who was going to be killed with nine others as a reprisal for an escape. He died partly of starvation and finally by lethal injection in 1941.
15 Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
16 St. Stephen of Hungary
Bl. Bartholomew Laurel, Martyr 
He was born Vaik in 975 to the ruling Magyar family. He established the church in modern day Hungary as king. Died 1038.
17 St. Joan of the Cross
St. Hyacinth, Confessor
Hyacinth, the Apostle of the North, from Breslau, converted many in north Europe, joined St. Dominic, died Aug, 15, 1257. Patron of Lithuania.
18 St. Jane Frances Fremiot de Chantal, Religious. 
St. Agapitus, Martyr. 
St. Helen, Empress and Widow 
St. Hugh, Martyr
Jane founded the Order of the Visitation, died France 1641. 
Helen was the mother of Emperor Constantine, died 328 
Hugh was martyred at the age of 9 in Lincoln, England, 1255
19 St. John Eudes, Priest. 
Bl. Peter Zuniga and Luis Flores, Martyrs
John of France founded the Eudists (Congregation of Jesus and Mary) and the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, born 1601, died Aug. 19, 1680
20 St. Bernard, Abbot, Doctor Bernard joined the Cistercian order, founded the monastery at Clairvaux, France, and 160 other monasteries, know as the "Honey-mouthed Doctor" for his eloquence, piety and wisdom in his prayers, books and sermons, 1090-1153
21 St. Pius X, Pope Pius X, 1835-1914, was best known for his encouragement of children to go the Communion.  He encouraged daily Communion for all.  He died, possibly of sadness, at the out break of the First World War
22 Queenship of Mary 
Rose of Lima, Peru, was the first saint of South America, died Aug. 29, 1617.
23 St. Rose of Lima, Virgin.
St. Philip Benzini, Confessor 
Rose of Lima, Peru, was the first saint of South America, died Aug. 29, 1617.
Philip evangelized Italy, France and Germany, died 1285.
24 St. Bartholomew, Apostle Also known as Nathanael, he preached the faith in Arabia.
25 St. Louis IX, King and Confessor
St. Joseph Calasanz
King of France from the age of 12, loved the poor, led two crusades, 1214-1270
26 St. Joseph Calasanz, Priest
St. Zephyrinus, Pope and Martyr 
Bl. Junipero Serra. 
Bl. Thomas Percy, Martyr
Zephyrinus defended the Unity and Trinity of God, died 218. 
Thomas, Earl of Northumberland, died 1572
27 St. Monica, Widow Monica was an African, born 332 AD  near Carthage. She converted her husband to Christianity. When he died she devoted her life to the conversion of her son, Augustine, from his amoral life by her prayers, tears and sufferings. She died 387 after seeing his conversion. She is the patron saint of alcoholics
28 St. Augustine, Bishop and Doctor Augustine, son of St. Monica from Algiers, said to be converted from his wayward youth by his mother's tears and St. Ambrose. He heard a voice saying" Take and read", and so he started to read the scriptures. He became Bishop of Hippo, founded the Augustinians, wrote his autobiography "Confessions", died 430.
29 The Beheading of St. John the Baptist, Prophet and Martyr. 
St. Sabina, Martyr
Sabina died about 127
30 SS. Felix and Adauctus, Martyrs
St. Jeanne Jugan 
Felix and Adauctus died 303
31 St. Raymund Nonnatus, Confessor 
St. Aidan, Bishop and Confessor
SS. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus
Raymund joined the order of Our Lady of Ransom and went to Africa to ransom Christians, died 1240. 
Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne, converted the northern Angles in Britain, died Aug. 31, 651


Date Feast Comments
1 St. Giles, Abbot. 
The Twelve Holy Brothers, Martyrs.
Giles, born at Athens, fled to France, built a famous abbey and founded a monastic life, died 721. 
These twelve Africans were martyred 3rd century.
2 Blessed John Francis Burté and Companions
St. Stephen, King and Martyr. 
Bl. Bartholomew Gutierrez, Martyr.
Stephen, first King of Hungry, he converted Hungry to Christendom, died 1038.
3 St. Gregory I, the Great, Pope and Doctor. Gregory rose to be Prefect of Rome where he brought the sacked city back to some administrative order. When his father died he left the civil life and founded monasteries. Later as Pope he strengthened the papal leadership over the local and universal church, regulated the liturgy and collected the music now known as Gregorian Chant. His influence ruled Rome and much of Italy. He sent St. Augustine and 40 missionaries to convert England. He wrote the life of St. Benedict. He died in 604 and later was named a Great Doctor of the Church. St Bede wrote his life.
4 St. Rose of Viterbo
5 St. Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)
St. Laurence Justinian, Bishop and Confessor
Theresa was born in Lithuania in 1910,  moved to Calcutta and founded the Missionaries of Charity to work with "the poorest of the poor.", She died September 10, 1997.
Laurence, the first Patriarch of Venice, died 1455.
6 Bl. Claudio Granzotto  
7 Bl. Frederick Ozanam  
8 The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 
St. Adrian, Martyr
Adrian was martyred about 303
9 St. Peter Claver, Priest. 
St. Gorgonius, Martyr.
Peter, a Jesuit, was called "The slave of the slaves for ever." In Spain he welcomed the slaves on arrival, and instructed them,  healed and helped them converting 300,000 to Christianity. He is the patron of black Africans.
10 St. Nicholas of Tolentino, Confessor.
St. Thomas of Villanova
Nicholas is a model of innocence and purity, died 1308.
11 St. Cyprian
SS. Protus and Hyacinth, Martyrs.
12 The Holy Name of Mary.   
13  St. John Chrisostom, Bishop, Confessor and Doctor. John is one of the four great Eastern Doctors of the Church, died 407
14 The Exaltation of the Holy Cross Originally this feast celebrated on May 3 as the Finding of the True Cross by St. Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine, in the 4th century, and the dedication of Constantine's basilica on Calvary.
15 Our Lady of Sorrows. 
St. Catherine of Genoa.
St. Nicodemes, Martyr
This commemorates the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady.  See Luke 2:35.
Nicodemes beaten to death for not sacrificing to the gods, under Domitian.
16 SS. Cornelius, Pope, & Cyprian, Bishop, Martyrs. 
SS. Euphemia, Lucy & Geminianus, Martyrs
Cornelius beheaded in 253. St. Jerome says of St. Cyprian "His works are more brilliant then the sun."
17 St. Robert Bellarmine, Bishop Confessor and Doctor. 

The Impression of the Stigmata of St. Francis. 

St. Hildegarde, Abbess and Founder

Robert wrote a catechism that was translated into 40 languages, the most learned of his time, he advised three popes and dealt formidable blows to protestantism, died 1621. 
Hildegarde, the Great Prophetess of the Benedictine Order, published works of her divine revelations at her monastery on the Rhine, which she founded. She was an author and theologian, prophet and preacher, musician and composer, poet and artist, doctor and pharmacist. died 1179.
18 St. Joseph of Cupertino  
19 St. Januarius, Bishop, & his Companions, Martyrs. 
SS. Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang & Companions, Martyrs.
Januarius, Festus, Desiderius, Socius, Proculus, Eutychius and Acutius beheaded in 305.  Januarius' blood becomes alive today three times a year in Naples.
20 St. Eustace and his Companions, Martyrs. 
SS. Andrew Kim Taegon, Priest, Paul Chong Hasang and Companions, Martyrs.
Eustace was a general in Hadrian's army. He refused sacrifice to the gods. He and his family were thrown to the lions, but they would not eat them.  They were then burnt to death in 120.
21 St. Matthew the Apostle Matthew was Levi the tax collector. Wrote a gospel and preached in Palestine and Ethiopia where he was martyred.
22 St. Thomas of Villanova, Bishop and Confessor.

St. Maurice and his Companions.

Thomas, bishop of Valencia, gave everything he possessed to the poor, died 1555. 
Maurice, a general in Maximillian's army, refused sacrifice to the gods, with 6600 other soldiers, massacred in about 286.
23 St. Linus, Pope and Martyr. 
St. Thecla, Virgin and Martyr.
St. Pius of Pietreicina "Padre Pio"
Linus succeeded St. Peter as pope, martyred in 79 AD. 
Thecla was converted by St. Paul. She was tortured with flames and wild beasts under Nero, but did not die then. Although she died a natural death, she is considered a martyr.
24 Our Lady of Ransom
Our Lady of Walsingham
St. Pacifico of San Severino
In the 13th century, Our Lady appeared to St. Peter Nolasco, St. Raymond of Pennafort and King James of Aragon and asked them to found the Order of Our Lady of Ransom. This was to redeem slaves, captives and prisoners. This feast is now known as Our Lady of Mercy.
25 St. Elzear and Blessed Delphina  
26 SS. Cosmas & Damian, Martyrs.
SS. Cyprian and Justina, Martyrs
Cosmas and Damian were brothers and physicians in Aegea during Diocletian and Maximilian. They healed souls as much as diseases, died by many tortures about 285. 
27 St. Vincent de Paul, Confessor. From very poor beginnings, of which he was ashamed, he rose to become the Queen's chaplain. Once he was a slave of Turkish pirates.  One poor man's deathbed confession converted him from a life of luxury to helping the poor. Vincent founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity for the rich ladies of Paris, and the Vincentians for men, to look after the poor, foundlings, the insane, the imprisoned and slaves, the sick and girls in danger. He died in Paris 1660.
28 St. Wenceslaus, Duke and Martyr. 

SS. Lawrence Ruiz and Companions, Martyrs

St. Lioba, Nun and Missionary

Wenceslaus was Duke of Bohemia. He gave alms to the poor, orphans, widows, delivered captives and visited prisoners. Santa Claus is named after him. He was stabbed while praying for his enemies in 938.  He is the patron of Hungary, Poland and Bohemia.

Liobgetha (Lioba) was a relative of St. Boniface, and because of him she established monastic centers for women in Germany. Died 780.
29 SS. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangels. This feast was originally commemorating the dedication of a Roman church to St. Michael, then a feast of all the angels. Michael is the protecting angel of the Church,  Gabrielle was the messenger to Mary, Daniel and Zachary, Raphael healed Tobias and helped his son.
30 St. Jerome, Monk and Doctor Jerome was a great scholar. Having studied the classical languages he was asked by Pope Damasus to translate the Greek Septuagint scriptures into Latin. he used the original Hebrew text as well. This was known as the Vulgate which the Church has used for 15 centuries. On the death of the pope, because his sharp tongue had made many enemies he went to meditate in a monastery near Bethlehem, performed perpetual abstinence, studied the scriptures , died 420.

Date Feast Comments
1 St. Theresa of Lisieux, Virgin and Doctor

St. Remigius, Bishop.

Theresa born in France 1873, became a Carmelite nun at 15 in Lisieux, and died at 24. Known as The Little Flower, a mystic and Apostolic Virgin, she so loved Jesus that she worked for the salvation of all souls, and promised to continue doing that in Heaven. Her life is explained in her book The Story of a Soul. There is a most beautiful basilica at Lisieux dedicated to St. Teresa of Lisieux.
2 The Holy Guardian Angels The Church teaches that every person has his own personal angel, so does every kingdom, province, family, diocese, church and religious community, to protect us and lead us to salvation.
3 St. Mother Theodora Guérin  
4 St. Francis of Assisi, Founder Francis, born of a rich family about 1182, first enjoyed the frivolities of wealth. He went to fight in a war and was captured and then ransomed.  While recovering from a long sickness he had many experiences to convert him.  While praying he was told to "repair my church." Although he started the physical restoration of a church, he soon realized that Christ meant his living church.  Francis gave up all his wealth, lived in poverty serving the poor and sick, and founded three orders: Friars Minor for men, the Poor Clares for nuns, and the 'Order of Penance'. He is known for his love of animals, and first introduced them to the Christmas manger scene. He wrote the "Canticle of Creation" singing about Brother Sun, Sister Moon and Sister Death. He received the stigmata and died in great pain in 1226.
5 St. Maria Faustina Kowalska
St. Placid and his Companions, Martyrs
6 Bl. Marie-Rose Durocher, Virgin and Founder
St. Bruno
7 Mary, Queen of the Rosary. 
St. Mark, Pope and Confessor.
 This feast used to be Our Lady of Victory
8 St. John Leonardi
9 SS. Denis (Dionysius), Bishop, and Companions, Martyrs. 
St. John Leonardi, Confessor
St. John Henry Newman
Denis was the first bishop of Paris. Kings of France buried in his basilica
John founded an order, and the College of Propaganda to fight the Reformation
10 St. Francis Borgia, Confessor   
11 Bl. Angela Truszkowska  
12 St. Wilfred, Bishop and Confessor
St. Seraphin of Montegranaro
Columbus Day. 
Wilfred was Archbishop of York, known as an apostle of Holland, Sussex and the Isle of Wight, died 709.
13 St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Virgin
St. Edward, King and Confessor
Margaret Mary entered the Visitation Order in France. The mysteries of the Sacred Heart were revealed to her in visions. Through her we have the devotion of the First Nine Fridays and the feast of the Sacred Heart. She died 1690.
Edward was king of England and was known as the Father of the Orphans and the Poor. Edward the Confessor died 1066.
14 St. Callistus, Pope and Martyr Callistus started life as a slave. For escaping he was sent to the mines. When released he served the Pope, and on his death was elected pope. He instituted the Ember day fasts, allowed priests to marry, he brought murderers and adulterers back to communion, welcomed converts from heretical and schismatic sects, much to the annoyance of his rivals, and was martyred in a riot 223.
15 St. Teresa of Avila, Virgin and Doctor Teresa was born in Avila, France, and joined the Carmelites' contemplative order. After a sickness and long recovery at home she returned to the convent and found it more a boarding house for wealthy maidens. She had a conversion one day when she glanced at the suffering image of Christ on the cross.  She left her mediocre spiritual life and founded a new Carmelite convent based on a life of prayer, poverty and hard work. She was a mystic, wrote books, and was opposed by many in her order and by the Inquisition. She founded 17 convents and died on October 5-15, 1582 (October 6-14 never existed). She was the first woman given the title of Doctor of the Church. She is also called St. Teresa of Jesus.
16 St. Hedwig, Religious. 
St. Marguerite d’Youville

17 St. Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr. While Bishop of Antioch, Syria, Ignatius was arrested and transported to Rome to be eaten by wild animals in c.107. What made him famous was his seven letters, written along the way to Rome, expressing his desire to see this martyrdom though, in order to strengthen his faithful at home.
18 St. Luke, Evangelist Luke was probably a physician, he accompanied Paul on his missions and he wrote a gospel and the Acts of the Apostles
19 SS. Isaac Jogues, John de Brebeuf, Priest & Companions, Martyrs. 
Isaac was a Jesuit missionary in Canada where he was tortured by the local tribe, but he escaped to France.  He went back to help negotiations with the tribes and was captured and killed by them.
Peter entered the Order of St. Francis and led a life of poverty, austerity and penance, died in Spain 1692.
20 St. Paul of the Cross, Priest 
St. John Cantius, Confessor
St. Maria Bertilla Boscardin
Paul founded the Passionist Fathers and died 1775 in Italy.
John was born in Cracow, Poland, and taught there, he died in 1473, and is invoked for tuberculosis.
21 St. Hilarion, Abbot. 
SS. Ursula and Companions
Hilarion founded monastic life in Palestine, died in 372. 
Ursula was massacred by the Huns in about 454.
22 St. Peter of Alcantara
Peter entered the Order of St. Francis and led a life of poverty, austerity and penance, died in Spain 1692.
23 St. John Capistrano, Priest John delivered Europe from Islam, he raised 70,000 impoverished Christian warriors without proper weapons who beat 120,000 Turks, recapturing Constantinople. Died 1456.
24 St. Anthony Mary Claret, Bishop  
25 SS. Chrysanthus and Darius, Martyrs
St. Antônio de Sant’Anna Galvão
Chrysanthus and Darius were husband and wife who suffered martyrdom together in 283.
26 St. Evaristus, Pope and Martyr
Bl. Contardo Ferrini
Pope Evaristus died 109
27 Bl. Bartholomew of Vicenza  
28 SS. Simon and Jude, Apostles. Simon preached in the East. Jude, known as Thaddeus, preached in the West and wrote an epistle, and was martyred in Persia.
29 The Blessed Martyrs of Douai
St. Narcissus of Jerusalem
Many holy priests were educated at Douai, France,  and came to England as missionaries to lay down their lives during the reformation persecution in the 16th century.  It was at Douai that the Bible was translated into English for Catholics because the King James version was produced for the Protestants, and it was used until late in the 20th century.
30  St. Alphonsus Rodriguez  
31 St. Wolfgang of Regensburg  

Date Feast Comments
1 All Saints Day  
2 All Souls Day  The Commemoration of the Faithful Departed
3 St. Martin of Porres. 
St. Winefride, Virgin and Martyr
Winefride, patron of North Wales, was beheaded by sword and was restored to life by the prayers of St. Beuno.
4 St. Charles Borromeo, Bishop. 
SS. Vitalis & Agricola
Charles helped conclude the Council of Trent, made a cardinal at 23, created diocesan seminaries, died 1584
5  Ven. Solanus Casey
 St. Nicholas Tafelic & Companions
7 St. Didacus
8 SS. Chrysanthus and Darius, Martyrs. 
The Holy Four Crowned Martyrs.
Bl. John Duns Scotus
9 Dedication of the Basilica of St. John Lateran. 
St. Theodore, Martyr
This basilica, the first to be publicly consecrated in 324 as The Basilica of St. Savior. In the 12th cent. it was dedicated to St. John the Baptist. It was destroyed and rebuilt in 1726.
10 St. Leo I, Pope and Doctor. 
St. Andrew Avellino, Confessor.
Leo the Great opposed the two main heresies before the Council of Chalcedon. He stopped Attila at the gates of Rome from attacking. He was born in Tuscany and died 461
Andrew was a lawyer from Naples who loved the truth, died 1608.
11 St. Martin of Tours, Bishop. 
St. Mennas, Martyr
Martin was born in Hungary and was a Roman soldier. After being baptized he moved to France. He is called the Apostle of Gaul, the first saint who was not a martyr, founded the monastery of Marmoutiers, loved the poor and a hermit's life. He invented the division of dioceses into parishes and died 397.
Mennas was an Egyptian soldier, martyred 295
12 St. Josaphat, Bishop and Martyr  Josaphat was born in Ukraine and entered the Order of St. Basil and was of the Byzantine rite.   He became Archbishop of Vilna then Polotzk.and he tried to unite the Ukraine Church with Rome. He was martyred for that in 1623 and became the first Eastern saint in 1867.
13  St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, Virgin. 
St. Didacus, Religious. 
St. Stanislaus Kostka, Confessor
Stanislaus is a Polish Jesuit saint who died 1568 
14 St. Gertrude, Virgin 
Gertrude entered a Benedictine convent in Germany at 5, God appeared to her many times over a period of 8 years, died 1301 or 1334, she is the patroness of the West Indies, and is called St. Gertrude vthe Great
15 St. Albert the Great, Bishop and Doctor Albert was born in Germany in 1200 and became a Dominican, was a professor of Philosophy at Paris University, defended the Church against heresies. He was philosopher, natural scientist and theologian. He was also a keen student of Arabic learning and culture. He died 1280
16 St. Margaret of Scotland, Queen and Widow 
St. Hugh of Lincoln, Bishop
Margaret was born in Hungry in 1046. She was the wife of Malcolm III of Scotland, was a mother to her people, and brought in health reforms. All her children ruled Scotland in turn with Christianity, the last was St. David. She is the patroness of Scotland.
Hugh remained a Carthusan monk in Chartreuse, Burgundy, until 40.  He accepted a plea from Henry II of England to build a monastery in England (part of Henry's penance for the murder of Thomas a Becket). He refused to move the poor people off the land to build the church until the king paid for their homes. He was made Bishop of Lincoln. He later refused to pay taxes to the king out of church funds.  He looked after the poor and defended the Jews who were much oppressed then, and he loved animals. Died 1200.
17 St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Religious. 
St. Gregory the Wonderworker, Bishop and Confessor. 
St. Hilda, Virgin
Elizabeth, daughter of the King of Hungary, was called the Mother of the Poor for her love of the poor and the lepers.  She married Ludwig IV of Thuringia. On his death she she entered the Third Order of the Franciscans to continue her care of the sick, the aged and the poor. She died in 1231.
Gregory commanded a mountain to move to make way for a church, which it did. He died 270.
Hilda was first Abbess of Whitby, England.
18 Dedication of the Basilicas of The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.  
19 St. Pontianus, Pope and Martyr
St. Agnes of Assisi
Pontianus was scourged to death in 235
20  St. Felix of Valois, Confessor. 
St. Edmund, King and Martyr
St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, Virgin. 
Felix, with St. John of Matha, founded the Order of the Most Holy Trinity for the ransom of captives.
Edmund, King of East Anglia, martyred by the Danes in 870.
Rose was born in France in 1769. She became a sister of the Society of the Sacred Heart. At 49 she traveled to Missouri where she set up a missionary center, then founded six more missions in Missippissi. She served the Native Americans who called her the "woman who always prays".She died in 1852.
21 Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary By tradition from two apocryphal gospels, Mary was presented in the Temple at the age of three, and lived there with other girls and holy women.
22 St. Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr. Cecilia converted her husband to Christianity by allowing him to see her guardian angel. She was martyred about 230, and is the patroness of musicians.
23 St. Clement I, Pope and Martyr. 
St. Columban, Abbot. 
Bl. Miguel Agustin Pro, Priest and Martyr. 
St. Felicitas, Martyr.
Clement is the third Pope in succession to St. Peter. By tradition he had been a slave of the imperial court. He was martyred in exile in about AD 99.
Columban was an Irish monk in Bangor. He traveled to France to preach. He established monasteries in France, Switzerland and Italy where he died in 615.
Miguel was born in Guadalupe, Mexico in 1891 and entered the Jesuits. As public worship was forbidden he became an undercover priest. He was executed without trial in 1927.
Felicitas saw her 7 sons martyred, then she was beheaded in 150.
24 SS. Andrew Dung-Lac, Priest, Companions, Martyrs. 
St. Chrysogonus, Martyr
Andrew was born in Vietnam in 1785. He was one of many priests, nuns, brothers and lay people who were killed for their missionary work. Dung-Lac was beheaded on December 21, 1839.
25 St. Columban

26 St. Sylvester, Abbot 
St. Peter of Alexandria, Bishop and Martyrs. 
St. John Berchmans, Confessor.
St. Catharine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr.
Sylvester founded to Order of Sylvestrines, a branch of the Benedictines, died 1267.
John is a Jesuit saint from Belgium, died 1621.
Catharine was probably born in Alexandria of a noble family and she converted to Christianity because of a vision. She argued with the Emperor Maximilian and all the learned men, but instead of adopting the pagan faith, many of the advisers became Christians. She refused an arranged marriage so she was scourged and tied to a wheel with swords, then beheaded in 310 - hence the Catharine Wheel.
27   St. Frances Antonio Fasani
28 St. James of the Marche
29 St. Saturninus, Martyr   
30 St. Andrew, Apostle, Martyr Andrew was first a disciple of John the Baptist, brother of Simon Peter. He preached in Palestine, Scythia, Epirus and Thrace. Martyred in Patras on an 'X' shaped cross. He is patron saint of Scotland.


Date Feast Comments
1 St. Edmund Campion & Companions, Martyrs
Bl. John of Vecelli
Edmund was recognized for his brilliance by Elizabeth I of England. He converted to Catholicism, became a Jesuit in Prague and returned to the English Mission.  Elizabeth had him martyred at Tyburn in 1581.
2 Blessed Rafal Chylinski
St. Bibiana, Virgin and Martyr
3 St. Francis Xavier, Priest Francis was one of the first six to join Ignatius to form the Jesuits. He preached and performed miracles in Goa, the Indies and Japan. Died 1552. He is the patron of foreign missions.
St. John Damascene, Doctor. 
St. Barbara, Virgin and Martyr.
John of Damascus defended the veneration of images. Because his hand was miraculously re-attached to him, he wrote the praises of Mary for the rest of his life and died about 749.
Barbara  was a virgin in Nicodemia.  By legend she was shut up in a tower by her father until she died because she was baptized.
5 St. Sabas, Abbot Sabas was an austere and virtuous monk in Palestine, organized monastic life there, died 532-533, possibly 531.
6 St. Nicholas, Bishop Nicholas the Great was bishop of Myra and assisted at the Council of Nicea. He had power over flames and was noted for his miracles and his charity to the poor and the wronged. He is patron of Russia, bakers and children. 'Santa Claus' comes from his name. He died about 342.  In some countries Christmas gifts are given on this day.
7 St. Ambrose, Bishop and Doctor Ambrose was born in Treves about 338. He became Governor of Milan. At the town's insisting he became the bishop of Milan within a week of becoming a Christian. He preached against heresies, humbled the Emperor and brought Augustine into the Church, introduced new liturgies and hymns, died 397. 
8 The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary  
9 Bl. Juan Diego An Indian maiden appeared to Juan in 1531 near Mexico City and asked him to build a church on the hill.  This was Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Ten years after the Spanish conquest of Mexico Our Lady brought compassion to the oppressed. Within 6 years, 9 million Aztecs were baptized.
10 St. Melchiades, Pope and Martyr.
Bl. Adolf Kolping
 Melchiades was a pope in the 4th century, died 314.
11  St. Damasus I, Pope  Damasus condemned heresies at the second Constantinople Council, ordered Jerome to translate the bible. He ordered that the Gloria by sung at the end of all psalms. Died 384
12 Our Lady of Guadalupe Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego outside of Mexico City in 1531 and she asked for a church to be built at that site in her honor. He was told by the local bishop to ask the Lady for a miraculous sign to prove her claim. The Virgin told Juan Diego to gather some flowers from the top of Tepeyac Hill. It was winter and no flowers bloomed, but on the hilltop Diego found flowers of every sort, and the Virgin herself arranged them in his cloak. When Juan Diego opened the cloak before the archbishop on December 12, the flowers fell to the floor, and in their place was the Virgin of Guadalupe, miraculously imprinted on the fabric. Patroness of Mexico and of all the Americas.
13 St. Lucy, Virgin and Martyr. Lucy gave all she had to the poor and then gave herself to Jesus, was martyred rather than lose her virginity in Syracuse 303. She is the patroness of gondoliers.
14 St. John of the Cross, Doctor John reformed the friars of Carmel with the help of St. Teresa, died 1591. 
15 Bl. Mary Frances Schervier  
16 Bl. Honoratus Kozminski  
17 Lazarus  
18  Bl. Anthony Grassi
St. Jane Francis de Chantal
 St. Jane now August 18
19 Bl. Pope Urban V
20 St. Dominic of Silos
21 St. Peter Canisio, Doctor Canisius was the eighth to join the Jesuits. He preached by use of the printed word and was an opponent of Martin Luther throughout Central Europe.
22 Blessed Jacopone da Todi  
23 St. John de Kanty, Priest  
25  The Birth of Christ's Mass  "And He Became Man, And Dwelt Amongst Us"
26 The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
St. Stephen, First Martyr
Stephen was the first Deacon, and then the first martyr (Protomartyr), stoned to death while Saul (St. Paul) stood by.
27 St. John, Apostle and Evangelist. John, called 'the Beloved Disciple' and 'the Divine', stood by the cross of Jesus and took Mary to live with him as his mother. He was privileged to be with Jesus at most of His significant events. He governed the Church of Asia Minor from Ephesus. His sermon was "Brothers and sisters, love one another". He wrote a gospel, three epistles, and the Apocalypse is attributed to him. Condemned to die by being boiled in oil, God saved him. He was exiled to Patmos. He died in 100 or 101.
28 The Holy Innocents, Martyrs  All the male children under 2 years old killed in Bethlehem by Herod's orders, when Herod could not find the child Jesus.
29 St. Thomas á Becket, Bishop and Martyr Thomas was a friend of Henry II of England who made him Chancellor of England and then Archbishop of Canterbury.  When he became a cleric he stood for the separation of Church and State, and opposed the King's rule over the Church, who later had him martyred in his cathedral in 1170. (See the film 'Becket').
30  St. Egwin
31 St. Sylvester I, Pope Sylvestre was Pope from 314 to 335. With Constantine he established the peace between the Church and the Empire. For the Millennium Eve, a plenary indulgence may be gained by reciting the Te Deum publicly.

Movable Feasts

First Sunday of Advent
Fourth Sunday before December 25, (Christmas Day).
The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph Sunday after Christmas Day
Feast day is January 6, but usually celebrated on Second Sunday after Christmas day
Baptism of Our Lord Third Sunday after Christmas Day
Ash Wednesday
Forty-six days before Easter Sunday on the Wednesday
Palm Sunday
Sunday before Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday
The Sunday after the fourteenth day of the March moon (the new moon) . This day is counted only from the twenty-first of March. That turns out to be the first Sunday after the first full moon (the paschal moon) after the spring equinox. If it is full moon before the twenty-first , the pascal moon will be the following one; hence the difference sometimes of more than a month. The extreme dates for the celebration of Easter are March 21 and April 25.
Ascension Day
Forty days after Easter, on the Thursday
Fifty days after Easter, on the Sunday.
BVM, Mother of the Church
The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, feast was introduced by Pope Francis to be celebrated on the Monday after Pentecost
Trinity Sunday
Sunday after Pentecost
Corpus Christi
Thursday after Trinity Sunday, but usually celebrated on the Sunday after Trinity Sunday
Sacred Heart of Jesus
The Friday after the Octave of Corpus Christi
Christ the King
Sunday before the First Sunday of Advent

Feasts days may be moved if they occur in Holy Week, Easter Week or on a Sunday.
Rome has been moving feast days out of Lent to new feast days.