Session 11  --  Evangelization

Having watched this video, please have a private meditation on the points below.  If you need, listen to it again and make notes.  You might like to discuss these points with your family later.  You might like to make a journal of your journey through the whole series for your future review of your progress in life.

Discussion Reflections and Questions


Why do we find it so hard to, “evangelize”, to proclaim the good news? Is it a fear of not knowing how? Evangelization in its oldest meaning is to spread the good news.  We do it every day by sharing with our family and friends, news of good things happening in the community, nation or world.   Could be news of a special joyous event in the family, something political, observance of an act of kindness or human-interest story.  If we can share those stories, why not our own personal experiences with the wonders of God and the Gospel?


How tragic would it be to see one of our friends or relatives in despair, suffering and without hope when we could have reached out as Jesus taught us, but failed to do so?  When have I reached out with Christian love to help a friend in spiritual need?


Is being called to Evangelize a call to preach, being argumentative, or “hitting someone upside the head with a 2X4”?  Or is it just simply by leading a Christian life, willing to share the good news and personal stories with others without fear?  

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