Session 9  --  Sacramental Life

Having watched this video, please have a private meditation on the points below.  If you need, listen to it again and make notes.  You might like to discuss these points with your family later.  You might like to make a journal of your journey through the whole series for your future review of your progress in life.

Discussion Reflections and Questions


In view of the fact that the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation are the most significant grace-restoring sacraments, in what ways can a family use the social and spiritual celebration of other sacraments to imbibe in younger family members the essence of regular communion and reconciliation?


How can you explain to your family  the concept of Holy communion as “Christ in our body” and other sacraments as “Christ in us” too?

In what ways can husband/wife or whole the family approach Reconciliation and Holy Eucharistic as celebrations? How could they be made cardinal chapters in marriage courses and counseling?

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