Session 6  --  Life

Having watched this video, please have a private meditation on the points below.  If you need, listen to it again and make notes.  You might like to discuss these points with your family later.  You might like to make a journal of your journey through the whole series for your future review of your progress in life.

Discussion Reflections and Questions


Culture says it is a woman’s body and woman’s right to choose to keep or abort a baby.  Yet, these girls are girlfriends, daughters, nieces, and friends of men. These are the babies of men. How should men protect the dignity of a woman and the dignity of a baby by speaking out on abortion?


The church provides many opportunities to protest abortions.  How are you willing to protest:
publicly in front of planned parenthood;
2.  i
n conversations with friends;
3.  in the media by writing to newspapers and government officials;
4.  or on social media?


Are you willing to end abortions in our nation by saying three Hail Marys every day?  What other ways can you think of that you could do today to end abortions in our nation?

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