Session 1  --  Masculinity

Having watched this video, please have a private meditation on the points below.  If you need, listen to it again and make notes.  You might like to discuss these points with your family later.  You might like to make a journal of your journey through the whole series for your future review of your progress in life.

Discussion Reflections and Questions


You are made for greatness to carry out what God has planned for you.  What do you think are God's plans for you?


As a Catholic man, Satan targets us with temptations and negative peer pressure all the time, that is, often, not to do what you know is the right thing.  How strong are you in your faith to stand up for God's principles against prevailing opposition, and when have you done this?


St. Joseph did not follow his inclinations; he listened to and followed God's instructions and God's Will.  How have you led, protected or provided your family, friends or co-workers by self-denial for someone else's good?  In other words, when have you put someone else's needs above your own?

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